Dr. Pramod V. Pathak

Indologist, Author and Researcher

M. Tech. (Chemical Engg.) I. I. T. Mumbai,
Ph. D. in the Vedic literature, from Mumbai University.

He has worked as Professional Chemical Engineer for more than 2 decades. Consultant to the Govt. of Goa on the "Plastic Free Goa Mission".He was head of the Goa Energy Development Agency working for alternative energy promotion in the Goa State.

He was on professional assignment in USA from 2002-2006. He was visiting Professor at the University of Houston.

He has completed Ph. D. on the interpretation of the Vritra myth in the Vedic literature. Worked and published research papers on the Vedic and the Indus Culture at the national and international seminars, interpreted the Indus Culture seals.

He is an Author of many books about Vedas, Management, Ancient History, Spirituality.

Dr. Pramod V. Pathak