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Ancient Indian Science and Technology

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4 Credit Course

Language - English (75%) + Hindi (25%)
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Bhishma School of Indic Studies

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GTU Center for IKS - Dharohar

International Certification in Indian Knowledge Systems

Course Code: B3

Course Duration
10 March to 14 May 2022
(Thursday to Saturday)

Batch Time: 8:00pm to 9:15pm (India S.T.)
30 Sessions x 80 Minutes


2200+ Minutes of Content + Q & A + eBook Study Material
Live Classes + Recordings Available

Now you get 4 Credits for this Course.
Assignments and  Exam Pattern: MCQ (Online)

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Indian Students ₹ 6000/- Foreign Students US$150

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Course Introduction: The glorious tradition of science and technology existed in India for thousands of years. There are many examples. PushpakViman is just a glimpse. Our clothing and garments (such as the Malmal of Dhaka) attracted the attention of the whole world. Kanhaiya was the owner of a very big yacht; after whom Vasco da Gama reached Kalikat. Metallurgy was so advanced that it did not rust for hundreds of years. The knowledge of physics and chemistry was so much that gold was made from any ordinary metal. Planetary and astronomical knowledge was so much that the earth is round and the distance between the sun and the moon was measured by our ancestors. How the eclipses happen, the speed of the constellations, the creation of the universe etc. all these subjects were discussed here by ordinary people too. The health system from Ayurveda (in which the first surgeon likes Sushruta) was created in India. Zero and Decimal system is a priceless gift of India to the world. Geometry and algebra, Madhava principles were prevalent in India. Indians were proficient in biology, tree Ayurveda, environment, animal science, elephant and horse science, martial arts, weapons and warfare, city building, sewage system, water management, mining work, ironwork, gemology. We have lost a lot not known how but due to the inferiority complex and dastardly invasions and due to the policies of the British. Now we have to revive the science and technology of India. It is necessary for every Indian to have knowledge of this glorious Indian science and technology tradition.

What you will learn from this Course ?

  • Origin & Sources of Science in Ancient India

  • Application of Science & Technology in Ancient Indian Civilization 

  • Introduction to Various Types of Sciences in Ancient India   

  • Indian Contribution to World in Science & Technology  

  • Introduction to Scientist Rishis like Aryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya, Varahamihir,  

  • Introduction to Literature related to Science  

  • Knowledge of Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, etc

  • Knowledge of Architecture, Engineering, Town Planning, Ship Building, etc

  • Ancient Health Management Systems through Home Remedies 

  • Vimana & Vimana Shastra, Mining, Metallurgy, Geology, Gemology

​Topics Covered

  • Science and Technology in Ancient India

  • Science in Sacred text

  • Linguistic Science - Language, Lipi, Grammar, Phonetics, Logic

  • Physical Sciences – Physics, Chemistry, Energy, Maths, Cosmology, Astronomy, Weaponry, Military Science, Geography

  • Biological Sciences – Agriculture, Veterinary, Forestry, Vruksh Ayurved, Irrigation and Water Management

  • Ancient Mathematics, Geometry and Algebra

  • Ancient Architecture and Engineering including Metrics, Civil, Construction, Mechanical, Town planning, Drainage, Ship building

  • Health Science – Ayurved, Surgery, Yoga

  • Earth Science for example - Mining, Metallurgy, Geology, Environment, Gemology

  • Viman Vidya

  • Astronomy

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WhatsApp - 9175671262
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This Course includes... 

  • 40 Hrs of Live Training on zoom

  • Class Recordings

  • Q & A Sessions

  • Study Material in eBook format

  • Guidance for Career / Research Opportunities

  • Digital Certification By GTU and BSIS


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Experienced Faculties:

Dr Narendra Joshi, Dr B. N. Jagtap, Dr Shashikant Katre, Prof Kavya Vaddadi, Dr Prashant Holay, Dr Sagar Gokhale, Dr Renuka Gayal, K. P. Umapathy Acharya, Dr. Vidyadhar Vaidya, Vd. Gauri Kulkarni


How should I prepare for this

Pen, Paper and an inquisitive mind is all you need to understand the concepts of Ancient Indian Science and Technology.

Is online class interactive or only one-sided?

All our online courses are highly interactive! 

You will not only enjoy live video and audio but also interact with the trainer in different ways:

1. Last 15-20 minutes of every lecture will Q&A session.

2. You can write questions in Chatbox which are visible to other participants, Faculties will answer those questions.

Who will conduct the Course ?

This live Course will be conducted by GTU and BSIS. Know more about us in "About" section.

How will I join the online class on schedule?

Post-booking, you will receive an email from the BSIS support desk a day before the course. Wherein, you will be given an access link and Meeting Code.

From where will these live classes be broadcasted?

This live course will be broadcasted and controlled primarily from BSIS Office at Pune. Faculties will join from their own places.

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