Why should one join GTU Bhishma Courses ?

Ans. – There are huge opportunities in Indian Knowledge Systems ( IKS ) and Indic Studies not only in India but at global level also. Today Indians are performing leading role in world corporate world, professional world, Intellectuals, trade and business activities and overall global performance.   ( E.g. Google, Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, Adobe etc. are lead by Indians ) Yoga and Ayurveda has become the hope of new world. There is global curiosity to know and understand various Indian Knowledge Systems. Under new education policy, Indian Government is insisting to rediscover ancient and traditional knowledge systems. In next couple of decades, there will be great need of experts in Indian knowledge systems in India. Every university and institution will be offering courses in IKS. This will lead to great career opportunities.

Which International Accreditation is available with these courses ? What is the certification?

Ans. :- Yes. GTU Bhishma certification is international certification which is accepted globally. IACDSC i.e. International Accreditation Council for Dharma School and Colleges has accredited by GTU Bhishma online certificate courses. This Accreditation is accepted in USA and all over the world.  Please note that IACDSC accreditation is currently Provisional accreditation and it will get confirmed in due course of time.

How to register for a course ? What are the Payment options ?

Ans. :- Registration is to be made online. Select the course you want to register from Course page. Read information and rules and click on "Enroll Now". Submit your information and make payment online. There are multiple payment options in the payment gateway - Debit/Credit cards, Online Banking, UPI Apps - Gpay / PhonePay / BHIM etc, Wallets. Students outside Indian can pay using PayPal. 

After successful payment you will receive confirmation email on your registered email. 

Post Booking, you will receive class Login Details and other instructions one day before the scheduled date of Course, on your Email and WhatsApp.

What are the Career Opportunities?

Ans :-The courses will generate lot of career opportunities for individuals. It will be a great addition in resume building. The whole world is looking for the applications of ancient Indian wisdom. E.g. Meditation and Yoga has created so much employment. Ayurveda and wellness are gaining momentum now. Sanskrit language is being popular universally. Similarly lot many new fields with basis of ancient Indian wisdom will emerge and create huge career opportunities for individuals.

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What are the Research Opportunities?

Ans :- Scholars and intellectuals with ancient Indian wisdom expertise will have enormous research opportunities. Number of universities, institutions, corporate and social organisations in India and across globe have started research activities to discover applied knowledge and skills from ancient Indian knowledge in various fields.  Digital content development in Indian wisdom also need lot of research. New education policy has also geared up to excel research in IKS and Indic studies.

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What are the Professional Opportunities?

Ans :- Students may work as experts and consultants on Ancient Indian Wisdom. The expertise may vary in number of fields and sectors. It may range from education, science, agriculture, social system, economics, healthcare system, cultural management, literature, language, trade and commerce, event management, etc. The current trend is a professional career as Author based on ancient Indian wisdom. E.g. popular authors like Amish Tripathi, Vinneet Bajpayee, Anuja Chandramouli, etc. Professionals have opportunities in digital content development.

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What are the Business Opportunities?

Ans :- Business ideas and concepts based on ancient Indian wisdom has very huge potential in future. E.g. Tourism including Temple tourism, Ancient Indian Games, Arts & Crafts – Manufacturing and Trading, Ancient Fashion, embroidery, clothing, dance, music, theatre, printing and publishing, spiritual activities management, healthcare business, hotel and hospitality with Indian concepts, etc. There are lot of business opportunities in digital contents development based on ancient Indian wisdom.

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What is the Value Addition to my Life and Career?

Ans :-The course are designed with multidimensional aspect for cross sectional development of student. The contents of the courses will enable student with directive for life management and life style management. It will help to clear lot of confusions of crises of life at various levels. It will provide positive direction for attainment of goals in life. Courses will help to improve significantly the process personality development and character building of an individual. Most important, it will improve the confidence level to a great extent.

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For which Age groups, these courses are useful and beneficial?

Ans :-The courses are aimed at overall development of individuals.  So age is no bar. The courses will help students of all ages. If one take these courses at young age, it will be more useful as they have more lifespan. But courses will help for mid aged and senior aged students also as they have more experience and understanding of life. So they will quickly adopt the contents for applications in real life. Generally students with age of 15 years and above should join these courses.

Are these courses designed and useful only for Indian Nationals and people with Indian Origin ?

Ans :- Ancient Indian Wisdom is created and developed for the benefit of all universe. It is universal in nature. The contents of this knowledge is useful for all human beings and not for only Indians or Hindus. E.G. the concepts of Yoga, Wellness, Ayurveda, etc. are universal. These courses are beneficial for all citizens of the universe. BSIS is emphasizing for Indians and Hindus in India and outside India to study these courses as they are in the process of losing the very basis of ancient Indian wisdom. They have natural first right on this knowledge. They can grasp it more easily because it is in their blood. They will also help to spread this knowledge easily across the globe.

Are students outside India are eligible to join ?

Ans. :- Yes. Students in India and Outside India i.e. foreign students are eligible to join BSIS courses.

What is the eligibility & educational qualification required to join BSIS courses ?

Ans. :- Any Individual across the globe can join. No restriction of educational qualification. He / She should be able to understand basic teaching in Hindi and English. It is preferred that one should have completed minimum matriculation. But it is not the compulsory barrier. 

Is there any age limit to join BSIS courses?

Ans. :- No Age limit. Any male and female can join. Generally students aged above 15 years are preferred. But it is not restriction.

What is the uniqueness of these courses ?

Ans: - Ancient Indian Wisdom for Better World Tomorrow is the mission of the GTU BHISHMA joint certification courses. It aims at overall development of human being on individual level as well as society and universe as a whole. These courses are of unique in nature and will update a student with basic foundation of ancient Indian wisdom. The course will improve confidence, knowledge level and personality as a whole.

If I miss a course, will recording of classes will be available ?

Ans: - Yes. Recording of the online sessions will be provided on registered email.

Is there instalment facility for payment of fees is available ?

Ans: - No. Instalment facility is not available.

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