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Ancient Indian Architecture

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Course Code: A2

Course Duration
7 March to 11 May 2022
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2500+ Minutes of Content + Q & A + eBook Study Material
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Now you get 4 Credits for this Course.
Assignments and  Exam Pattern: MCQ (Online)

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Course Introduction: The glorious tradition of architecture, sculpture and temple building flows from ancient India. The unique invention of Indian psyche's superlative imagination and aesthetics is visible in the architecture. From the Vedic period to the Indus-Saraswati civilization, the Maurya Empire, the Gupta Empire, there has been a continuous development of architecture and craftsmanship. There is an Upveda available by the name of Sthapatyaveda. In the name of Ashtanga architecture, the idea of ​​building architecture through different dimensions has been considered. Along with the concepts of direction, planets, constellations, VastuPurush, Vastu Shastra, the selection of stones, their transportation and the method of direct construction were studied deeply. It has been discussed in many such texts like Samarangan Sutradhar, Agnipuran, Maymatam, Manasar, Yukti Kalpataru, etc. The symbol of creation, which is called Shri Yantra or Mount Meru, we see the manifestation of that concept in the construction of temples. Indian architectural thought tries to balance the relation of Vastu to the earth and the universe. Despite the brutal invasion of Muslims and other invaders and the destruction of millions of temples and architecture, the number of architectural works available now is also very amazing. This creation and construction is so amazing that the secret of its creation, mechanism is not known. It is very important for every Indian to be familiar with ancient architecture.

What you will learn form this Course ?

  • Origin & Concept of Ancient Architecture 

  • Introduction & Sources of Literature related to Science like Samarangan Sutradhar, Mayamatam, Yukti Kalpataru, Agni Purana, etc 

  • Introduction to Temple Architecture 

  • Cosmology & Cosmogony Concepts in Temple Construction 

  • Dravidi & Nagari & Other Styles of Architecture 

  • Iconography & Indus Saraswati Valley Civilization 

  • Introduction to Various Architecture Models like Chalukya, Pallava, Pandya, Chola, Hoysala, Mauryan, Kaling, Gurjar, Solanki etc spread across country

  • Knowledge of Buddhist Art & Architecture

  • Introduction to Jain Art & Architecture

  • Introduction to Cave & Monolithic Architecture

​Topics Covered

  • Introduction - Origin & Concept, History, Interpretation of Art and Architecture

  • Indus & Saraswati valley civilisation - Art and Architecture

  • Iconography

  • Ancient text related to Architecture

  • Temple Architecture

  • Cave/Monolithic Architecture

  • Various Styles of Temple Architecture like Dravid and Nagar

  • Chalukya, Pallav Architecture

  • Chola, Pandya, Chera Architecture

  • Hoysala Architecture

  • Gurjar, Solanki Architecture

  • Mauryan, Vijaynagar Architecture

  • Shrunga  and Satvahan Architecture

  • Kaling, Kadamba Architecture

  • Buddhist Art and architecture

  • Jain Art and architecture

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This Course includes... 

  • 40 Hrs of Live Training on zoom

  • Class Recordings

  • Q & A Sessions

  • Study Material in eBook format

  • Guidance for Career / Research Opportunities

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Experienced Faculties:

Prof Girinath Bharade, K. P. Umapathy Acharya, Prof Kimaya Deshpande, Prof Balbhadra Upadhyay, Prof Rutvij Apte, Dr Rahul Deshpande, Prof Bhujanrao Bobade, 


How should I prepare for this

Pen, Paper and an inquisitive mind is all you need to understand the concepts of Ancient Indian Architecture.

Is online class interactive or only one-sided?

All our online courses are highly interactive! 

You will not only enjoy live video and audio but also interact with the trainer in different ways:

1. Last 15-20 minutes of every lecture will Q&A session.

2. You can write questions in Chatbox which are visible to other participants, Faculties will answer those questions.

Who will conduct the Course ?

This live Course will be conducted by GTU and BSIS. Know more about us in "About" section.

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