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Graduate Diploma in Hindu Culture & Studies
Hindu Council of Australia

शोध भारत का... बातें भारत की...

Online Certificate Courses in Indian Knowledge System

A Step towards reinventing the True Ancient History and Culture of India…

GTU has initiated DHAROHAR - 'GTU CENTRE FOR INDIAN KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM (GCIKS)’ to run the courses / programs related to Indian culture, Indian philosophy, Indian Heritage, Indian Traditions Indian ideology, Ancient Indian Knowledge, Modern Indian Cultural Philosophy  etc.

Bhishma School of Indic Studies, Pune is Academic Partner for these courses. 

These courses are having International Accreditation by IACDSC, USA. 

Bright Gradient

GTU Dharohar launches Online Certificate Courses on Indian Knowledge Systems and Indic Studies. 

Now earn 4 Credits per course

Features of The Courses

  • Value Addition to Life & Career

  • Career Opportunities

  • Professional  Opportunities

  • Business Opportunities

  • Research Opportunities

  • Social Opportunities

  • Cultural Opportunities

  • Globally Accredited by IACDSC

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Study of Vedas

Learn the ultimate source of knowledge & Science… The most ancient scripts of the world… 

07 Kautilya.jpg

Study of Kautilya - Political Science and Arthashastra

जानिए पुरे विश्व के इतिहास के सबसे बुद्धिमान मनुष्य के बारे में... कुटिल बुद्धि के कारण विख्यात... 
अपितु राजा, प्रजा और देश के हित के प्रती अतुलनीय निष्ठा रखनेवाला महामानव... 
कौटिल्य का राज मंत्र और राज तंत्र ... जानिए बुनियादी अर्थशास्त्र, संपत्ती का निर्माण, युद्धशास्त्र तथा राज्यशास्त्र ... 
जानिए धर्मदंड, राजदंड और न्यायदंड ... जानिए सुशासन तथा सुप्रजा के निर्माणमे राजा और समाज की भूमिका ...

05 Upanishad.jpg

Study of Upanishad

ईश-केन-कठ-प्रश्न-मुण्ड-माण्डुक्य-तित्तिरि: ।ऐतरेयज्च छान्दोग्यं बृहदारण्यकन्तथा ॥

उपनिषद.... भारतीय तत्वज्ञान का मूल है उपनिषद ...

06 Sci Tech.jpg

Ancient Indian Science and Technology

भारतमें विज्ञान की गौरवशाली परंपरा 
विमान विद्या, यंत्र विद्या, खगोल विद्या, आयुर्वेद, योग, भाषा विज्ञान, 
भौतिक, रसायन, जीवशास्त्र, जहाज निर्माण, रत्नशास्त्र, वास्तू तथा ज्योतिषशास्त्र 
जानिए भारत की विज्ञान और तंत्रज्ञान परंपरा ... पहचानिये भारत की विज्ञान दृष्टी ....

04 Puranas.jpg

Study of Puranas

Puranas… the encyclopaedia of history and knowledge of India… The simplified form of knowledge systems in ancient India…

पुराण : भारतीय इतिहास – संस्कृती का आईना ! 

02 AI Architecture.jpg

Ancient Indian Architecture

भारतीय कला और स्थापत्य की अद्भुत मिसाल ..
हजारो मंदिरोंमें अलौकिक स्थापत्य का निर्माण ... 
जानिए मंदिरोकीं कथाएँ और शैली 
अष्टांग स्थापत्य और वास्तूशास्त्र की उपलब्धियाँ 

Naveen Seth.png
Prof. (Dr.) Navin Sheth,
Vice chancellor, GTU

India is a huge country which is famous all over the world for its great culture and traditional values. Indian culture and its history is very old. Ancient India had a different identity in the world, due to which foreigners used to come here to study and do business.

Indian heritage has been very valuable and useful to the society. India has provided invaluable knowledge to society and the world in art, architecture, dance and drama, political science, economics, aeronautics, astronomy, architecture and astrology. Due to the change in time, all this enriched knowledge remained confined to our texts and books. 

The New Education Policy - 2020 again emphasizes on expanding the Ancient Indian knowledge. Gujarat Technical University resolved to present the traditions, heritage, culture etc. of ancient India in front of today's society and in this direction “DHAROHAR - GTU CENTRE FOR INDIAN KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM” was founded.

GTU has entered into a MoU with Bhishma Indic Foundation under which it has been decided to start a short duration certificate programs to keep Indian heritage before today's generation. I am very happy to know that through these programs we will make today's youth aware of the ancient tradition, knowledge and skills of India.

Your cooperation is expected to restore India's heritage on the world stage. 
Best Wishes...!

Dr. Ravindra Kulkarni
ARSI Trust, NewYork

Congratulations to Gujatat Technological University (GTU) for starting the online initiative of taking the Indian Knowledge System (IKS) to the grassroots. BIF is pleased to provide a part of the funding to help the project to take off the ground.

IKS is perhaps the most ancient,  rich, open,   dynamic, and evolving knowledge system of the world.

It begins with the 4 vedas: Ruk, Yajus, Saama, and Atharva, which were intuitive expressions of the material and mental experiences of some highly evolved souls. The theory-building part began with the 6 vedaangas, described as the limbs of the Vedapurusha: Shabda-shastra (Grammar), Jyotish (Astronomy and  Mathematics), Nirukta (Etymology), Kalpa (specific rituals), Shiksha (Phonetics), Chhandas (Poetry). The 6 vedaangas evolved into 6 major Darshanas (Philosophies): Sankhya (Physics) Vaisheshik (Chemistry), Nyaya (Logic), Yoga (Psychology),Poorva  Mimaansa (More techniques), Uttar Mimaansa (Vedaanta). The last one, Vedaanta, seems to be, so far available, “theory of everything” material and mental! The explanations in brackets are rough equivalents in modern terms.

Besides these, there are many Upavedas (Sciences), including Ayurveda (Medicine), Music, Engineering, Arthashaastra (Economics and Politics), Weaponry, …. There are many additions to this system, notably Yoga and Meditation, developed in the Buddha-Jain traditions, which PM Modi has justly popularized as the IKS’s gift to the world, and the world is acknowledging it.  

It is very important that using modern technology we should make this knowledge available at the grassroots. For a deeper understanding we should see a profoundly dharmic basis running through all IKS, which, if understood, will truly transform the world for the better.

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